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Hiking climbing via ferrata and trekking in the Dolomites of Italy - Hiking mountaineering rock climbing courses and trekking hut to hut in the Dolomites and around Lake Garda Italy by Mountain Guides of Alpine Climbing School Arco and Mountain Lodge Association of Trentino.

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Snowshoe hiking dinner and overnight stay in a lodge at lake Garda

Trekking trips in the winter (excursions with snowshoes) are beginning to draw more and more attention and interest for a large number of persons as they are offering the possibility to encounter nature even in the cold season without too much physical exercise and without the use of complex equipment. The dinner in company with your friends in a warm and cozy mountain inn or in a mountain lodge situated in a lonesome valley in the Italian Dolomites which is easily accessible by hiking in the snow under the moonlight, will make you live a very special and different weekend. This type of trekking trip at Lake Garda Italy requires a basic physical condition. Some sense for adventure, training and flexibility are necessary for the overnight stay in the mountain lodge.

WHEN ? every weekend from JANUARY - MARCH, with the following program:

Meeting point

Parking-lot at highway exit: autostrada ROVERETO SUD on Saturday at 10 hrs. or in your Hotel at Lake Garda Italy - you can park your car there and from there we are leaving with our mini-vans to the starting point of the hiking excursion.

EXCURSION Type A - Monti Lessini - Lake Garda taly Overnight stay in mountain inn

From the meeting point we reach with our mini-vans a typical mountain inn (30 min. drive) and we occupy the rooms which we have reserved for you. The hiking trip on Saturday reaches the "Busoni": there are interesting forts, trenches and tunnels dug into the rocks by Austrian soldiers during the World War 1 (torch indispensable). The hiking excursion will take us about 3 hrs time of walking. For the trip on Sunday we follow a path between the "malghe" (malga = alpine farms, typical Italian cow shelter). We will walk ca. 4 hrs. on nice, undulated snow fields.

EXCURSION Type B - Pasubio mountains - Dolomites Italy Overnight stay in a mountain lodge

From the meeting point we reach with our mini-vans a typical Italian alpine village (40 min. drive). Everyone puts on his show-shoes and we are starting with the ascent to the lodge which we will reach after ca. 3 1/2 hrs time of hiking (walking slowly) on an easy path. You will be served a set dinner but you will have the option and possibility to choose between some typical local dishes which you agree upon with the other participants. Soft drinks, beer and wine, available as you like. Sleeping: "mountain-lodge-style" which is dormitory-like: all in one large room. Although a great number of blankets is available, we recommend to bring a sleeping-bag. On the following day, on Sunday, we will try to reach the mountain top "Col Santo" (2.100 m.) in an appx. 1 hrs. walk with the snow-shoes. Descent back to the village through easy and panoramic snow fields in ca. 3 hrs. hiking time

Night excursion

After dinner we are suggesting to everyone who is interested a small night hiking excursion in the moonlight or under the stars.


We will provide you with the snowshoes and one pair of hiking-sticks upon arrival at the starting point of our tour.

PRICE: EUR 165,00 per person - no. min. 5 persons.


Warm and solid hiking boots - wind- and waterproof winter-jacket (possibly with a hood) with warm lining or down-jacket - skiing pants or similar -hat/cap and gloves - backpack (big enough to fit your belongings) - drinking bottle/thermos with drink - torch - one pair of skiing sticks (if you do not have any, you can get them from us) - There is heating in the mountain lodge and enough blankets will be provided for everyone - in any case we recommend to bring along a sleeping bag.


Our highlights regarding trekking hiking via ferrata at Lake Garda or in the Dolomites Italy or on the Greek Island Kalymnos have not been chosen by our alpine mountain guides school but are the preferences of our customers in the 20 years of our activity. Please click on the image for a complete program of our trips and courses.

BRENTA TREK With our proposal of the Brenta Trek Italy, we would like to offer a 5 days trekking trip from lodge to lodge crossing from the South to the North, the entire Italian Brenta Dolomites Group, with overnight stay in the mountain lodges, suitable for everybody. The participants only need to have a good physical condition and some experience in hiking trips in the mountains.

VIA FERRATA COURSE This via ferrata course at Lake Garda Italy is destined for people who love trekking or mountain walks, and for whom who would like to try themselves in the vertical world in complete safety. The rock climbing experience of this day is very important for the performance of our via ferrata courses and trips. The next two days we will climb the most beautiful via ferratas in the Lake Garda Italy area.

VIA FERRATA BRENTA DOLOMITES ITALY The offer of the mountaineering School Lake Garda consists of the Crossing of Brenta Dolomites Italy from North to South in five or three days with overnight stay in the alpine lodges. The layer conformation of the rocks in the Brenta Dolomites permits the access to the many ledges which are cutting the big walls transversely. On these ledges are running the via ferrata delle Bocchette, from one pass to another, across the entire Brenta Dolomites Italy Group. Overnight stay in the mountain lodges

MARMOLADA DOLOMITES The top of Marmolada Dolomites is the famous and the via ferrata on the Western Crest is a dream of many mountaineers like the "Normal route" of Mont Blanc. The via ferrata on the crest of Marmolada is classified as difficult but as always the difficulty at high altitude depends on the environmental conditions which can vary extremely in the Dolomites. Obviously for this type of via ferrata trip it is necessary to have a good physical condition and sometimes even the use of the rope is necessary.

ALPINE COURSE Outdoor incentives teambuilding meeting Here you will find our proposals for travel agencies, companies, clubs and associations which would like to offer to their clients, personnel or members outdoor incentives activity in a scenic location in Trentino. Our School of alpine guides is taking care of the complete organization and will prepare an individually tailored program for every business outdoor incentives or teambuilding and meeting. Please see also: alpinguide.com/incentives

VIA FERRATA COURSE The Brenta Dolomites group is similar to the more famous Eastern Dolomites but the rock walls and pillars there are bigger, the environment harder and wilder therefore less touristic and more alpine. Through these multicolor fantastic walls runs the famous track of "Via ferrata Bocchette del Brenta" which is ideal to exercise our via ferrata courses and trips in the Brenta Dolomites. This course is destined for people who have a little experience in high mountains or via ferrata or for very athletic and adventurous participants. Overnight stay in the mountain lodges.

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