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Lodron trekking description The molin dei Ziberi


From Corne' along the new Lodron path to Pont del Diaol ascent to Senter dele Val


Easy trek along the new path along the Lodron stream and ascent to the characteristic Senter dele Val

Lodron trekking description

In reality, the path along the Lodron stream had existed for centuries and was used to reach the prosperous countryside downstream. The road started from the old bridge over the stream in the centre of the former village of Corne'. Now the countryside is no longer cultivated and full of thorns but it is not this difficulty that prompted us to change the route, but a more 'human' problem: the path passes through a private garden. It is completely understandable that the inhabitants of the area, with all due caution, have made it clear to us that they do not wish to see hundreds of people passing through their garden every day. These reasons logically prompted us to look for another route which we describe below.

Nature has sculpted the rock in the path of the Lodron stream

We recommend that you park your car in the space provided in front of the Corne' church and walk East downhill towards the old bridge. Cross it and walk up the opposite bank, until you reach Provincial Road 22 again, which must be followed for a hundred metres until you find an electricity pole on the left. Here you are in the locality of Tognati, and near the pole a path descends to the left, follow it on a fairly steep but well-marked track, until you come to an inclined concrete bridge that is called in dialect "Pont dei Nuti".
Cross over and follow the orographic left of the stream on a comfortable path through a flat forest. Here there were once flourishing cultivated fields with all sorts of fruit and vegetables. When you reach a reddish rock, clearly visible on the left, you must cross the stream via an easy ford to the new path, which we have marked on the orographic right.

The strange reddish rock formation at the easy ford

Follow the path until you come to a natural bridge made of embedded boulders and continue along a dirt road that descends from the village of Ere, follow the road on the level and, crossing a meadow, reach the next small road that descends from the village Zembrae. You have reached the locality known as 'Pontirol' and can visit the statue of the Madonna of the same name, located in a cave adjacent to the path. Following the road downhill, you easily reach the famous 'Pont del diaol' in a few minutes.

Waterfall on the Lodron stream

If you wish, you could take a path to the left, immediately after the bridge, that leads into the Sorna riverbed to photograph the Pont del diaol from below but, in that case, you are on a path that cannot be described as easy. We recommend ascending the bank on the orographic left of the stream, on an easy road for about 200 metres, until you reach a crossroads with signs. Take a path to the left that, crossing a private property, shortly leads to Pont dei Tani. Crossing it, follow the road slightly uphill to a crossroads and continue to the right on a flat road until reaching a ford. Do not cross, but keeping to the orographic right of the Sorna stream, follow a path that we traced in 2022. The path is not very busy and therefore requires attention. After about 200 metres, a path appears evident on the left a path that climbs towards Corne'. You have reached the old 'Senter dele Val', which, in about 25 minutes of strenuous climbing, takes you directly back to the car park in front of the church in Corne'.
If you have taken the whole route including stops and photos, the time of two hours, you still have the chance to enjoy an aperitif at the social club of Corne'.

The Ziberi Mill

The history of the Mulino dei Ziberi is interesting and in particular the vicissitudes that led to the creation of the 'monument', located in the garden facing the old mill, now restored and used as a dwelling house.

The monument depicting the Ziberi mill

One has to think that only 150 years ago, there were many productive activities in the Sorna riverbed: there were mills, sawmills, ironworks, etc., and they all exploited the energy of the water provided free of charge by the stream. The advent of the so-called 'industrial civilisation' marked the end of all activities in the Sorna riverbed, including the 'Molin dei Ziberi'. The owner of the mill, Signor Bernardo, loved his activity and would have liked to hand down to posterity a tangible sign of his passion. Bernardo's aspiration found understanding on the part of an intelligent entrepreneur local businessman who, also having a good artistic streak, designed the monument and even made a cardboard model of it. The dreams of the two friends were shattered by the cost of labour to build the monument, and a solution had to be found to make it affordable. Said and done, a massive block of granite was sent to Canton (China), accompanied by the contractor's drawings, and the diligent Chinese set to work. After a few months, the monument was shipped to Italy and Bernardo proudly installed it in his home garden.
Everybody happy and satisfied? Of course not! As we know, the Chinese, besides being diligent and cheap, are also smart: they held back the entrepreneur's drawing and made some copies of the work. The story goes on: in 2021 we published a book on Sorna and I did not lose my habit of posting some photos on the Internet, including one of the monument... After a few months, a self-styled English journalist showed up at the doorstep of the very nice lady who lives where the mill was. The two logically did not immediately understand each other as the journalist asserted that that fountain was copied from a work he had already seen in England...The idea that it could be vice versa did not cross his mind!
Now I believe that this story should be told and also that we citizens, should be proud that a fountain, inspired and designed in the small village of Corne', has gone around the world.

A magnificent orchid common in the Sorna riverbed. It is called 'Impatiens balfourii'

WARNING - The group of volunteer citizens called 'I mati dela Sorna' has worked hard to make the trek as safe as possible. Keep in mind that Monte Baldo is still a mountain and, as with all excursions in an alpine environment, it is not absolute safety cannot be guaranteed.

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