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Hiking mountaineering, rock climbing courses and hut to hut trekking. All trips in the Dolomites, around Lake Garda Italy by Mountain Guides of Alpine Climbing School Arco Trentino

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By Trekking hiking and rock climbing association Mountaineering guides School Arco Lake Garda Dolomites Alps Italy

All of our trekking hiking via ferrata highlights are at Lake Garda, in the Dolomites Italy or on the Greek Island Kalymnos. These have been the preferences of our customers in the past 20 years of our Mountain Guides School.


Brenta Trekking - 5 days guided Hiking hut to hut in the Dolomites

With our proposal of the Brenta Trek Italy, we would like to offer a 5 days trekking trip from hut to hut crossing the entire Brenta Dolomites Italy Group, with overnight stay in the mountain lodges, suitable for everybody. The participants only need to have a good physical condition and some experience in hiking trips in the mountains.

Via ferrata base course 3 days at Lake Garda in Italy

This via ferrata course at Lake Garda is destined for people who love trekking or mountain hiking, and for whom who would like to try themselves in the vertical world in complete safety. The rock climbing experience on the first day is very important for the performance of our via ferrata courses and trips. The next two days we will climb the most beautiful via ferratas in the Lake Garda Italy area.

Bocchette del Brenta - 5 days guided hut to hut on the famous via ferrata

The offer of the mountaineering School Lake Garda consists of the Crossing of Brenta Dolomites Italy from North to South in five or three days from hut to hut. The layer conformation of the rocks in the Brenta Dolomites permits the access to the many ledges which are cutting the big walls transversely. On these ledges are running the via ferrata delle Bocchette, from one pass to another, across the entire Brenta Dolomites Group. Overnight stay in the mountain lodges

Via ferrata mountaineering on the top of Marmolada (ft. 10.967 - 2 days)

The top of Marmolada Dolomites is world famous and the via ferrata on the Western Crest is a dream of many mountaineers like the Normal route of Mont Blanc. The via ferrata on the crest of Marmolada is classified as difficult but as always the difficulty at high altitude depends on the environmental conditions which can vary extremely. Obviously for this type of via ferrata trip it is necessary to have a good physical condition and sometimes even the use of the rope is necessary.

Hiking Islands in Greece - Trekking holidays week on Kalymnos Island

Every time we are fascinated by the views, wildness and solitude of this territory. On Kalymnos Island in Greece we can hike many hours meeting only goats or take a swim in a solitary bay. The program of our Alpine School Arco lake Garda consists of five days guided hiking on the Island and one day is destined for an easy rock climbing experience or rest. We sleep in the best hotel on the Island and we will choose the most traditional good restaurant. We will make possible the best vacation come true, not only in Greece!

5 days alpine base course climbing and mountaineering in Marmolada

This alpine base course is destined for people who love hiking, trekking and via ferrata trips but would like to extend their knowledge in the rocks and on glaciers. The program of our mountaineering course consists of two days rock climbing in the crags near Lake Garda and following we move for three days to the Marmolada Dolomites Alps. The teaching regards climbing techniques in every mountaineering situation, rope manouvres, rappelling and self rescue exercises on the rocks and glaciers in the Alps of Italy. Overnight stay in the mountain lodges.

CANYONING LAKE GARDANEWS Canyoning Trekking at Lake Garda

Canyoning trek in the canyon at lake Garda - The legend, the history and the nature

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HIKING LAKE GARDA The fantastic panorama over Lake Garda Italy. In the background we see the Brenta Dolomites and the glaciers of Adamello National Park [larger view]

Travelling to the South, Lake Garda in Italy represents the first region with a Mediterranean climate and flora. It brings us the gift of a last and unexpected breath of Mediterranean air before reaching the passes of the Italian Dolomites heading North. The intense blue of Lake Garda is touching the mountains, the olive branches are speaking with the wind and the lemons are maturing in the sun. The same atmosphere and natural beauty has become the ideal scenario for a vacation where it is both easy to relax and have fun: sailing and wind surfing on the waves of Lake Garda, mountain biking, hiking trekking and rock climbing in the mountains or canyoning through exciting torrents are just some of the daily sports in a world where it is easy to encounter history by visiting some of the many old castles in the Lake Garda region. Lake Garda Trentino Italy is all of that: a world at man' s dimensions where different flavors of food and a big number of hotels around Lake Garda are offering every type of accommodation in Trentino style which means clean, traditionally comfortable and nice as well as reasonably priced. The activity of our rock climbing and trekking School at Lake Garda Italy is extremely various: guided hiking, trekking and mountaineering trips every distance and difficulty - via ferrata trips and courses on the tracks of World Wear 1 - multipitch rock climbing traditional routes on big walls up to 1200 m high - rock climbing courses. We have more than 50 sports climbing spots in the Lake Garda Italy area. Our mountain guides are born here and have fun to guide you on every hiking trekking or climbing trip at Lake Garda Italy.


BRENTA DOLOMITES Arial perspective of the central part of Brenta Dolomites Italy. A real image taken of the Alps on our return trip to Italy [enlarge view]

A world of green valleys, huge polychrome walls and pillars make it seem impossible that only 200 million years ago these mountains were a flat ground under the Sea. The fossil layers created this multicolor quality of rocks when a trouble of the earth pushed up the Dolomites platform to the actual height of 3000 meters. The erosion of water and ice left behind the actual unique environment where people and bears can live together. For 30 years the Brenta and Marmolada Dolomites in Italy have been the kingdom of our rock climbing and trekking School. The Brenta Dolomites are appropriate for every type of mountaineering activities like hiking, trekking from hut to hut, via ferrata trips. On the more than 1000 m high walls generations of alpinists have climbed thousands of adventurous rock climbing itineraries. The Brenta Dolomites are only 70 km far from Lake Garda Italy. Therefore our favorite location for via ferrata course and trips are on the famous via ferrata Bocchette di Brenta: a long guided trekking trip through the entire mountain group. New and interesting is the Brenta trek which is an awesome guided hiking trip from hut to hut. The Marmolada Dolomites also in the Trentino Italy province, is offering two different faces: on the South there is a large vertical wall on which there are a lot of very difficult multipitch rock climbing routes up to 1200 meters length. On the North face of Marmolada there is a glacier famous as skiing area. The Marmolada glacier is precious for our alpine base courses because it is only a 20 minute walk from the mountain lodge “Pian dei Fiacconi” and suitable for our lessons on ice.


KALYMNOS ISLAND GREECE On Kalymnos Island there are 15.000 inhabitants and 50.000 goats. It is normal you are alone on a castle or swimming in a solitary bay [magnify]

Kalymnos is a small Greek island which makes part of the Dodecanese archipelago. It is located North of the more touristic island of Kos, not far from Rhodes and the Turkish coast of Bodrum. Kalymnos' dimensions are ca. 25 x 10 km. In the past, the island has been famous for its sponge divers. Up to the year 2000 the hotels on Kalymnos have been open only from June through September. The first rock climbers which came to Kalymnos found their first accommodation in the so-called "studios": small apartments with kitchen. Nowadays thanks to the trekking tourists the best hotels on Kalymnos Island are open from May to October. Everywhere on Kalymnos Island there are mountains, crests, ridges, antique monasteries and small deserted bays were you can swim alone. Sometime you visit villages where the friendly inhabitants are happy to ask "How are you?" because this is the only phrase they know in English language. Hiking and trekking on Kalymnos Island is a great satisfaction for everyone: You have to train your senses to find the direction, everywhere you encounter silence, beautiful views and your only company is goats. We discovered Kalymnos Island many years ago as rock climbers but now we are also offering guided tours to our clients which gives them great satisfaction. Every spring and fall our mountain guides are happy to take off from Lake Garda Italy towards the Greek Island for a trekking – hiking week.


HIKING HUT TO HUT A mountain lodge in the Brenta Dolomites Alps in Italy. Please do not ask to book "a double room with private bathroom" [larger view]

During the First World War, the borderline between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces ran through the Dolomites in Italy. Italian as well as Austrian soldiers had built many shelters and barracks on these routes in the Dolomites Italy. After the war the local people carried concrete and equipment on their own shoulders for the reconstruction of the mountain lodges to make them suitable for shepherds and hunters. Nowadays the mountain lodges in Trentino Italy are owned by the CAI (Alpine club Italy) and are rented out to the called “gestori” (managers) in high season. The “gestore” must provide for food and drink being carried up to the mountain lodge by cableway or helicopter because there are no roads, no cars, no traffic. Every day he must provide for water and electricity by generator as well as control the cleaning of the water outflow. At night he must answer the bookings from Italy or overseas and reply to customer complaints ... a cold shower! Please be nice to him, he has a very hard job and is doing his work with passion for mountaineering! Our Alpine School Arco Italy uses the mountain lodges around Lake Garda almost only as restaurant during the breaks of our guided hiking or trekking routes. The mountain lodge Rifugio Agostini in the Brenta Dolomites is our base camp for the via ferrata courses and Brenta Trek trips. The Rifugio Pian dei Fiacconi in the Marmolada Dolomites Italy is the base camp for the alpine base course of our rock climbing School.

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